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I am beautiful...

Name: Renae
Grade: 11th
Birthday: June 30th 1988
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Sleepy little New England Town

At least 3 bands you like: Queen, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World
At least 3 singers you like: Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban and Charlotte Church
Song(s): Fly Me to the Moon" -Frank Sinatra
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, laughing at myself and acting
Food(s): Chedder and Brocolli Soup
Movie(s): The Princess Bride, Wet Hot American Summer, the Star Wars movies

~Least Favorites~
Pet Peeves: People who talk really close to your face
Song(s): I can't think of one right now...
Singers/Bands: Not a big fan of most modern pop
Foods: Garlic
Movies:Star Trek
Things to do: Mop -_-

Abortion: I am personally pro-choice to a certain extent. I cannot bear to think of the lkilling of an innocent living thing but also cannot imagine the psychological effects that bear a rapist's baby can have apon the mother.
Drugs: I am straight edge, so I will not do drugs. The terrible effects of drugs on people is sometimes unbearable for me to witness.
Alcohol: Once again with the straight edge thing, though I believe that it can be enjoyed responsibly at the proper age.
Pre-marital sex: This is where I am on the fence. I used to be strictly "saving myself for marriage," but now that I have heard all of the tales of my friends and relatives... I don't know if it is not a bad idea to experience sex before tying the knot.
The President: As a far left-winger, I am definiatly not a fan of Mr. Bush. I find that his policies are unjust and often, unconstitutional.
War:The war in Iraq was not a proper action, but I will always support our troops

Who is your role model? I don't know if I have one who is currently alive, but my hero has always been Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)
Promote us and give us proof:I shall in my journal, I promise.
Make us laugh:BANANA!
Do you do anything to help your community? I volunter at the local senior center
Tell me or show me something cool: I am listening to Kwanzaa music... that's pretty cool.
Describe yourself in 3 words: In the words of TLC, crazy sexy cool
How did you find us? : Another community
Why do you want to join? : The message that you are promoting is incredibly powerful and I want to be a part of it.
3 or more clear pictures:

A cut down verision of this is my choice.

Pre-hair cut and dye

Ditto on this one... yeah 'pimpin'

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