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random question.

hey everyone! hope you all had a GREAT christmas! i've been in such a curoius mood lately and i was wondering.. what do you think makes a person beautiful. truly beautful. id really like everyones imput on this! thanx in advance! xoxo <3 kayla
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hey guys.. im interested in joining ur community because i saw some marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn related things.. can someone tell me more about this community before i join?? thnxx

hmm.. wel im not a mod.. so i dont kno if this is my place.. but...

this commuinty is about.. well.. you, and us, and ur beauty, inside and out. it a rating a community, so u do get rated on ur looks and personality, and if we vote w/ class and manors.. we're not gonna be a flat out bitch to someone, we all have different opions and we all tend to help each other out, make each other feel welcome. well.. thats my idea of this commuinty anyways. <3 kayla
ps.. i LOVE fender!!!
hey im one of the mods her. thanks rockchick i think thats wat this community is about also.
We'd love for you to join. This community is about showing people that everyone is beautiful in their own special way in one way or another. Everyone brings something to the table and shares their input of things. Theres almost something everyone can love in each person. We tell how we feel with class and manners and are very nice about it. We base more on personality than looks because thats what really matters. Your personality can make you more gorgeous than any super model. And thats what we try to show with this community. Other than that, we post pictures, stories, advice, ask for help, anything. We kind of have lke a sisterly bond and we all just chat and talk about whatever is on our mind. Anything is fine to talk about and everything is great. We just all want to get along and shar our message along with making friends and all the other great stuff that u can do in a community.

Hope I helped. :-)
Well I think the main importance of being "beautiful" is being it on the inside. If your a gorgeous person physically but mentally if your a dreadfully nasty individual then I certainly think that makes you ugly. Intelligence and posie and having a bit of manners certainly helps too.

aww thats sweet!! thanx a bunch.
I think what makes someone beautiful is being confident in your skin. You look and act the way you do and thats beautiful in everyway. Beauty isnt about blonde hair, or brown hair or your eye color. Its about the person you are and the way you treat people. I think the most beautfiul people are my friends, because I know a side of them some ppl dont know! Which is something I cherish! Thats why I htink i have the most GORGEOUS friends in the ENTIRE world!!
xoxo SaM
yes. and that includes you sammie.

ty <3
yeah thats a GREAT qualtity that can make a person beautiful.